they say im very Special

IMG_5501 (2)

He controls my thoughts.. my clitoris becomes numb when my eyes view his image. The entrance to my soul becomes hot and wet , ready for torturing from the beast I see within him. Striving for the day I feel his hands on my flesh, to lick the cells off his body. To feel the pain of connecting and the passion of lust.  I want to watch my cells clot up on my body as he teaches me a lesson, my snot run down my face as I’m begging him to stop, the pain of every stroke, I want to appreciate every breath I take. his thoughts of breeding are extremely high… the words whispered in my ear, streaming straight to my brain. connecting my  Body to slave over him …..

Until the day u tell me to go, my body will strive, crave and worship.


I express myself through the arts of writing.

judged, by the human race… 

 Amanda Khan