unnamed (12)

Oh higher power, if there is a such thing.

from generation till mine, you’ve cursed us with lust

for after its over so is he ..

The passion of wanting and needing another human soul

to complete mine…

but instead I receive the Curse of loneliness..

 as of my generations that where..

to hear the voice of man repetitively say

your to good to be true

yet alone in the dark, this “perfect” being is blank faced..

confused, disappointed and used…

how is this so… i must say this curse is bigger then the demons i carry

until a beast gets caught in my web, ill forever be a black widow.


they say im very Special

IMG_5501 (2)

He controls my thoughts.. my clitoris becomes numb when my eyes view his image. The entrance to my soul becomes hot and wet , ready for torturing from the beast I see within him. Striving for the day I feel his hands on my flesh, to lick the cells off his body. To feel the pain of connecting and the passion of lust.  I want to watch my cells clot up on my body as he teaches me a lesson, my snot run down my face as I’m begging him to stop, the pain of every stroke, I want to appreciate every breath I take. his thoughts of breeding are extremely high… the words whispered in my ear, streaming straight to my brain. connecting my  Body to slave over him …..

Until the day u tell me to go, my body will strive, crave and worship.


I express myself through the arts of writing.

judged, by the human race… 

 Amanda Khan